It feels like I've not blogged in a lifetime (because I haven't) but I'm back! & I have news.

1. Since I've been away, I've finished Uni! I'm finally an architect.
2. I've decided that I'd rather not be an architect for now.
3. Instead, I'm going to travel around a little & give another country a go.
4. So I'll be moving to/working in South Korea. The wheels are in motion! 
5. Because I'll be away for the foreseable future & only have one face, I need to purge/tone down my capitalist ways. I have a UK only blog sale underway at Depop. I'm 25flondon there too. Here's a handy link to one of the items.

With that all done & now that I'm free, you'll be reading more from me in the future :)

p.s. I've missed you guys! Please leave blog links below - I need to get back into the swing!

81) 안녕하세요!

I always make little lists of what to buy after looking at the Lush website, but don't usually make my way into the shop - there's just too much to choose from. I love the smell of limes, lemons & grapefruit (all citrus really), and blackcurrants. Clean zingy scents & fruity scents are my favourites.

Happy Hippy smells like grapefruit, Ocean Salt of salty lime, & Sandstone of lemon. Sweetie Pie smells like blackcurrants, or You Snap The Whip. I got a sample of Big to try - I'm hoping for miracles. I took my friend along with me to get 'Lushed.' He doesn't have the most regimented of skincare routines so he kept it simple & got Ocean Salt to scrub & Enzymion to moisturise

I've been meaning to pick up the Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels for a while. I've heard it's a great dupe for Something Special Cremeblend blush by MAC (I don't love the Cremeblend formula.) At the moment it's a tad light for me unless I pile it on, but I do love the shade & formula.

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter smells like white chocolate. It feels whipped, silky on the skin & doesn't leave me greasy. I'd read a few articles claiming it was better than sliced bread as an all round moisturiser, & seeing that Jessica had swapped for a tub, I had to try it out for myself. So far so good - I've been using it at night.

I couldn't say no to the adorable hot water bottle & cover! It's not really the weather for it right now, but it's cold in England 95% of the time, so I'm sure it'll come in handy. I picked up a larger Rhodia notebook because the one I've got is small & fiddly for anything other than mini-lists.

I've never heard of LOVE Magazine before. It's a fashion/photography magazine that's released twice per year. For £6 you get 426 pages of beautifully shot fashion shoots, ads & articles. There's a great shoot featuring Lindsey Wixson that I forgot to photograph too (I love Lindsey.) I don't study fashion, but I love photography. For that, it's a catalogue of inspiration.

80) I've been carrying around this cute little frog-face box from Paperchase in my bag recently. I wish I'd had this when I was at school! It's filled with dehydrated strawberries to snack on - they were a gift from Thailand. I can't find any in the UK - help!